Class of 2019 Coronavirus Policy Update

At Say Yes Cleveland, we know that students and families are facing unprecedented times and unique needs in the age of the coronavirus, many of which will, undoubtedly, impact the trajectory of recent graduates’ postsecondary journeys. Say Yes scholarships are designed to support students throughout their postsecondary endeavors and always give students the flexibility to stop out for up to one full academic year (two semesters) and still maintain scholarship eligibility. This year, in light of the coronavirus, a new, short-term policy has been created for the CMSD graduating Class of 2019 to increase the flexibility of Say Yes scholarships and support students’ postsecondary endeavors during this health crisis.

This policy, created by the Say Yes Scholarship Board, gives CMSD graduates from the high school Class of 2019 two additional semesters of eligibility in which to use their Say Yes scholarship dollars. Students from the Class of 2019 will now have six years (12 semesters) to use four years (eight semesters) of funding.

This short-term policy ensures that students from the CMSD Class of 2019 who have already stopped out for one or more semesters – or delayed the start of their postsecondary education – will not be negatively impacted in their eligibility for Say Yes scholarship dollars during the 2020-2021 academic year.

A note for students in the Class of 2020: As Say Yes scholarships always allow students up to one year of flexibility in their enrollment, the CMSD Class of 2020 has not yet utilized that standard two-semester flexibility. Should students in the Class of 2020 postpone their enrollment until the fall of 2021, they are still eligible under the current policy. Should circumstances require it based on the trajectory of the coronavirus, another short-term policy may be created for the Class of 2020 at a later date.

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