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Southwest Airlines Flight Voucher

Say Yes to Education has a partnership with Southwest Airlines to provide a limited number of free airline tickets to Say Yes eligible students to travel to any private college or university in the Say Yes Higher Education Compact outside of Ohio. Students must be currently enrolled in a Cleveland public high school or partner charter high school to be eligible for the flight voucher. (Vouchers are available beginning with the graduating class of 2020.)

Round-trip student tickets and adult guardian tickets (limit one adult guardian ticket per student ticket) are available for Say Yes eligible students who have arranged to visit a college or university in the Say Yes Higher Education Compact.

How to Request:
Please submit your information and request for vouchers to info@SayYesCleveland.org. The following guidelines provide more information about how free airline vouchers are awarded to students and guardians. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact info@SayYesCleveland.org.

Eligibility Requirements:

A. A qualifying student must be enrolled in the 10th grade (or higher) at a Cleveland public or partner charter high school.

B. For a student (and accompanying parent or guardian) to receive a round-trip airline voucher, the family must demonstrate financial need.

Examples of supporting documentation (to be shared with the local Say Yes chapter as part of the travel request) may include:

• Proof of eligibility for a free or reduced-priced school lunch
• Proof of participation in the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program
• An acknowledgment provided by the student from a Say Yes partner college or university that the student has qualified, based on need, for a waiver of the college’s application fee

C. No more than one round-trip ticket/voucher will be issued to a student during each academic year.

D. Only one round-trip voucher/ticket will be issued for a parent/guardian per trip regardless of how many children from a family or household have a college appointment and have requested a ticket for that trip.

E. Screening for eligibility will be conducted by Say Yes Cleveland.

Permitted Travel:

A. To be considered for a Say Yes airline ticket/voucher, a student must be able to demonstrate – to the Say Yes Cleveland chapter – evidence of an appointment for at least one of the following at a Say Yes private college partner institution:

• Campus tour
• Group information session
• Admissions interview

B. Tickets must be requested at least six weeks prior to the anticipated day of travel.

C. While requests to fly to and from particular airports will be considered – as well as preferred dates and times of travel – Say Yes reserves the right to choose an alternative itinerary

Cancellation Policy:

A. Students and parents/guardians are responsible for notifying Say Yes in writing, prior to the date and time of travel, of any intention to cancel a ticket – ideally no more than 48 hours beforehand. The Say Yes National office will then communicate the cancellation directly to Southwest.

B. Under no circumstances will a student (or accompanying adult) be permitted by Say Yes to change or rebook a canceled flight directly with Southwest. If the cancellation takes place on the day of departure, and a Say Yes representative cannot be reached, the family should call Southwest prior to the departure time, advise Southwest of the cancellation and receive a cancellation number – which the family is then responsible for providing to Say Yes, immediately and in writing.

C. A student or family who does not follow the cancellation rules above will be prohibited from receiving future airline tickets from Say Yes.

D. A student wishing to rebook a canceled Say Yes flight – or to change an existing itinerary – must provide evidence to Say Yes of the rescheduled appointment on a Say Yes partner college campus. Changes or rebookings will be made at the discretion of Say Yes.

E. Say Yes will make every effort to take into account cancellations that are weather-related, or otherwise outside of a family’s control.