Say Yes Cleveland FSS Team Keeps You Connected This Summer!

Summer is here, and Say Yes Cleveland’s Family Support Specialists (FSS) are ready to keep you connected to the resources you need! Throughout the summer months, our dedicated FSS team will be temporarily reassigned and available at various locations across Cleveland to ensure students and families have continued access to essential support services.

Where to Find Your FSS This Summer:

  • Summer Learning Experience (SLE) Sites (Monday-Thursday): No matter your child’s age group, an FSS will be readily available at their assigned SLE site. Stop by for assistance between:
    • PreK-8: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
    • High School: 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • Cleveland Recreation Centers (Monday-Thursday, June 10th-July 12th): Beat the heat and connect with support at your local recreation center! Two FSS will be available to assist you from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
  • CPL Branches (Monday-Thursday, June 10th-July 12th): Looking for some summer reading inspiration or need help navigating resources? Two FSS will be stationed at each participating CPL branch to offer guidance, Monday-Thursday, from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

You can find the complete list of Family Support Specialist summer assignments by ward below.

What Kind of Support Can I Get?

Our FSS team is here to help with non-academic and non-disciplinary situations your family may encounter throughout the summer. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance with:

  • Community resource navigation
  • Social service connections
  • And much more!

We look forward to seeing you and helping make your summer a success. Find your Family Support Specialist by using the dropdown menus by ward below!

Ward 1 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 1
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Adlai E. StevensonK8Shanell Williams[email protected](216) 536-1627LibraryLee-Harvard
John F. KennedyHSLavonne O. Davis[email protected](216) 894-6038Recreation CenterFrederick Douglas
Robert H. JamisonK8Eric Douglas[email protected](216) 905-4615SchoolRobert H. Jamison
Whitney M. YoungHSNicole Washington[email protected](216) 538-7083LibraryLee-Harvard
Ward 2 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 2
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Andrew J. RickoffK8Chesiree Jackson[email protected](216) 645-6559LibraryMt. Pleasant
Cleveland Metro Remote School K-8K8John Morris[email protected](216) 894-9488Recreation CenterZelma George
John Adams College & Career AcademyHSRonnie Holman[email protected](216) 905-7291Recreation CenterZelma George
MilesK8Nikkole Robinson[email protected](216) 894-6684LibraryUnion
Miles ParkK8Raymond Hill[email protected](216) 219-1102LibraryUnion
Nathan HaleK8Erica Stewart[email protected](216) 905-7078LibraryMt. Pleasant
School of One at John AdamsHSJasmine Hayes[email protected](216) 402-7143Recreation CenterFrederick Douglass
Warner Girls’ Leadership AcademyK8Artis Farmer[email protected](216) 894-4876Recreation CenterEarle B. Turner
Ward 3 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 3
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Cleveland High School for Digital ArtsHSMelissa Santana[email protected](216) 645-7859Recreation CenterStella Walsh
Davis Aerospace & Maritime High SchoolHSTaylor Molton[email protected](216) 538-7709LibraryAddison
HalleK8Danielle Clark[email protected](216) 538-7720LibraryLorain
Natividad Pagan International Newcomers AcademyK12Chavely Hernandez[email protected](216) 894-9972SchoolNatividad Pagan International Newcomers Academy
Near West Intergenerational SchoolK8Amina Abdulhaqq[email protected](216) 390-3700SchoolNew West Intergenerational
Northeast Ohio College Prep School HSK12Tiffany Wilson[email protected](216) 219-1085SchoolNortheast Ohio Prep School HS
MC2StemHSMelvin White[email protected](216) 905-6733Recreation CenterLonnie Burton
OrchardK8Bethany Lee[email protected](216) 219-1330LibraryBrooklyn
Paul L. DunbarK8Kelli Shanklin[email protected](216) 905-4481LibraryCarnegie West
ScrantonK8Chad Abraham[email protected](216) 894-4884LibrarySouth
Tremont MontessoriK8Nikisha Russ[email protected](216) 645-8671LibraryJefferson
Ward 4 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 4
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Charles DickensK8Anthony Hollins[email protected](216) 645-9788LibraryE. 131st
Ward 5 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 5
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Alfred A. BeneschK8Taymiyyah Mack[email protected](216-905-7384LibraryWoodland
Anton GrdinaK8Aaron McCoy[email protected](216) 538-7261LibraryGarden Valley
Campus International (K-8)K8Sarah Days[email protected](216) 538-0254SchoolCampus International
Cleveland Metro Remote School HSHSRonnettea Williams[email protected](216) 645-7112Recreation CenterStella Wash
Dike School of the ArtsK8Maryam Muhammad[email protected](216) 905-7480LibraryWoodland
East Tech High SchoolHSShauna Scott-Rose[email protected](216) 219-1201LibrarySterling
George Washington CarverK8Rayshawn Hayes[email protected](216) 905-4891SchoolGeorge Washington Carver
Marion-SterlingK8Ashley Williams[email protected](216) 219-1293LibrarySterling
MC2STEMHSMelvin White[email protected](216) 905-6733Recreation CenterLonnie Burton
School of One at East TechHSJasmine Hayes[email protected](216) 402-7143Recreation CenterFrederick Douglass
Ward 6 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 6
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
BoltonK8Lamont Davis[email protected](216) 536-1451SchoolBolton
Cleveland Early College High SchoolHS
Cleveland School of Architecture & DesignHSBobby Jordan[email protected](216) 645-6937Recreation CenterFairfax
Cleveland School of Science and MedicineHSDonna Dixon[email protected](216) 538-7459LibraryMLK
Cleveland School of the ArtsHSAntione Morris[email protected](216) 894-9711SchoolCleveland School of the Arts
Harvey RiceK8Demetrious Kennedy[email protected]216.695.1971SchoolHarvey Rice
SunbeamK8Anthony Hollins[email protected](216) 645-9788
Village and E Prep – Woodland HillsK8Arnisha Rogers[email protected](216) 219-1257LibraryAddison
Ward 7 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 7
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Campus International High SchoolHSDeborah Crane[email protected](216) 538-0983Recreation CenterE.J. Kovoacic
Daniel E. MorganK8Jajuan Robinson[email protected](216) 894-9464Recreation CenterThurgood Marshall
Mary B. MartinK8Tamika Johnson[email protected](216) 645-9591LibraryHough
Village and E Prep – Cliffs CampusK8Jaqueline Jones-Byers[email protected](216) 894-9403Recreation CenterE.J. Kovoacic
Wade ParkK8Landel Shakespeare[email protected](216) 538-7075Recreation CenterThurgood Marshall
WillsonK8Sharea Means[email protected](216) 894-9422LibraryLangston Hughes
Ward 8 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 8
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Collinwood High SchoolHSMelody Graham[email protected](216) 645-8329Recreation CenterCollinwood
Ginn AcademyHSQuameen Vernon[email protected](216) 645-7765Recreation CenterCollinwood
MemorialK8Cassandra Klein[email protected](216) 319-0037LibraryMemorial Nottingham
Oliver H. PerryK8Lashelle Jfferson[email protected](216) 538-6417SchoolOliver H. Perry
School of One at CollinwoodHSJasmine Hayes[email protected](216) 402-7143Recreation CenterFrederick Douglas
Ward 9 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 9
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Franklin D. RooseveltK8Darrell Everette[email protected](216) 219-1098Recreation CenterGlenville
Glenville High SchoolHSErica Baker[email protected](216) 905-4981Recreation CenterCamp George Forbes
Mary M. BethuneK8Arnisha Rogers[email protected](216) 219-1257LibraryAddison
Stonebrook-Michael R. WhiteK8Jerrald Goodloe[email protected](216) 219-1506Recreation CenterCory
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Elementary SchoolK8Cynthia Shelby[email protected](216) 645-6905LibraryLangston Hughes
School of One at Glenville High SchoolHSJasmine Hayes[email protected](216) 402-7143Recreation CenterFrederick Douglas
Ward 10 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 10
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Citizens Leadership AcademyK8Rishard Ticey[email protected](216) 990-0630Recreation CenterGlenville
East ClarkK8Charmayne Patterson[email protected](216) 894-9961LibraryRice
Euclid ParkK8Shuntaya Howard[email protected](216) 219-1253LibraryCollinwood
Hannah GibbonsK8Nichole Price[email protected](216) 538-7386LibraryMemorial Nottingham
Horizon Science AcademyHSJoyce Freeman[email protected]216.645.7682Charter SchoolHorizon Science Academy
Kenneth W. Clement Boys’ Leadership AcademyK8Lorisha Frazier[email protected](216) 645-6522LibraryCollinwood
Ward 11 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 11
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
AlmiraK8Tracy Simpkins[email protected](216) 219-1230SchoolAlmira
Mary Church TerrellK8John Nixon[email protected](216) 905-8365LibraryEastman
New Tech WestHSJazante Coleman[email protected]216.894.4651Recreation CenterCudell
Wilbur WrightK8Nadiyah Brown[email protected](216) 538-6130LibraryEastman
Ward 12 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 12
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Albert Bushnell HartK8Shanna Price[email protected](216) 990-3374LibraryFleet
Benjamin FranklinK8Renee Bynum[email protected](216) 905-7478Recreation CenterCamp George Forbes
MoundK8Cynthia Lightner[email protected](216) 905-6952LibraryFleet
Ward 13 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 13
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Charles A. MooneyK8Elaine Jackson[email protected](216) 894-4351LibrarySouth Brooklyn
Facing History New Tech High SchoolHSShaunita Lee[email protected](216) 219-1499Recreation CenterEstabrook
Rhodes College and Career AcademyHSRonald Donaldson[email protected](216) 645-9426Recreation CenterEstabrook
Rhodes School of Environmental StudiesHSKandyce Smith[email protected](216) 538-9516LibraryGarden Valley
School of One at James F. RhodesHSJake Francis[email protected](216) 905-6643Recreation CenterCudell
William Cullen BryantK8Gloria Wilson[email protected](216) 905-4149LibrarySouth Brooklyn
William Rainey HarperK8Termeice Gardner[email protected](216) 536-1329SchoolWilliam Rainey Harper
Ward 14 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 14
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Buhrer Dual LanguageK8Olga Rosado[email protected](216) 894-4512SchoolBuhrer Dual Language
DenisonK8Jackelyn Caskey[email protected](216) 905-6208LibraryBrooklyn
Lincoln-West School of Global StudiesHSNora Leahy[email protected](216) 219-1570LibraryNora
Lincoln-West School of Science & HealthHSJamessa Motley[email protected](216) 645-7324Recreation CenterWoodland
Luis Munoz MarinK8Yadira Gonzalez[email protected](216) 645-9952LibraryJefferson
School of One at Lincoln-WestHSJake Francis[email protected](216) 905-6643Recreation CenterCudell
WaltonK8Ashley Thomas[email protected](216) 645-6427LibraryHough
Ward 15 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 15
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
ClarkK8Luz Diaz[email protected](216) 538-4490LibraryFulton
Garrett Morgan School of Engineering and InnovationHSAaron Jones[email protected](216) 538-0883Recreation CenterMichael J. Zone
Garrett Morgan School of Leadership and InnovationHSJocelyn Boyd[email protected](216) 645-7495Recreation CenterCudell Fine Arts
Joseph M. GallagherHSLekisha Rogers[email protected](216) 219-1566LibraryCarnegie West
Louisa May AlcottK8Patrina Hollowell-Martin[email protected](216) 645-8946Recreation CenterCORY
Marion C. SeltzerK8Chardae Williams[email protected](216) 905-6059LibraryLorain
Max S. Hayes High SchoolHSDeanna Williams[email protected]216.894.4877Recreation CenterMichael J. Zone
Northwest School of the ArtsK8Donniecia Worley[email protected](216) 894-4410LibraryMLK
Village and E Prep – WillardK8Racheal Williams[email protected](216) 645-9418Recreation CenterCudell Fine Arts
WaverlyK8Anjelica Williams[email protected](216) 538-7868SchoolWaverly
Ward 16 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 16
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Artemus WardK8Lisa Garner[email protected](216) 645-7735SchoolArtemus Ward
Bard High School Early College Cleveland WestHSJermeka Jackson[email protected](216) 645-7329Recreation CenterHolloran
GarfieldK8Lillie Nandi[email protected](216) 538-4546Recreation CenterGunning
John Marshall School of Civic & Business LeadershipHSEsther Lucas[email protected](216) 905-8220SchoolJohn Marshall HS
John Marshall School of EngineeringHSTierra Biggers[email protected](216) 905-4631Recreation CenterEarle B. Turner
John Marshall School of Information TechnologyHSMiranda Jordan[email protected]216.536.4957LibraryE. 131st
Robinson G. JonesK8Kelly Hatgas[email protected](216) 645-7716LibrarySouth
School of One at John MarshallHSJake Francis[email protected](216) 905-6643Recreation CenterCudell
Ward 17 ▾
Say Yes Cleveland Schools in Ward 17
School NameTypeFSSEmailNumberSummer Asgmt. TypeSummer Assignment
Clara E. WestroppK8La Shona Johnson[email protected](216) 894-4959LibraryWest Park
Douglas MacArthur Girls’ Leadership AcademyK8Kelly Williams[email protected](216) 894-6681Recreation CenterHolloran
Newton D. Baker School of ArtsK8RaShawn Carter[email protected](216) 538-6991Recreation CenterWoodland
RiversideK8India Moore[email protected](216) 645-7309LibraryWest Park
Valley View Boys Leadership AcademyK8Charles Ausbrook[email protected](216) 894-4875Recreation CenterGunning

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