Integrated Health Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Say Yes Integrated Health program?  One goal of Say Yes Cleveland is to ensure scholars have consistent on-site access to integrated physical and mental health services. To reach this goal, Say Yes created an Integrated Health Task Force (IHTF) of local experts from CMSD, the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, foundations, major health systems, mental health providers, community-based organizations, and institutions of higher education. The Task Force designed this program to understand how to increase access to and use of health care services in school using virtual tools. Four Say Yes schools were chosen to participate. Health care providers in the Cleveland area applied for grants to serve these schools and eight were chosen to participate. The Task Force matched the providers and schools based on need and location to make sure every scholar in the four schools will be able to access the care they need.For now, most health care services will be provided virtually, using telehealth, to help keep our community safe as the coronavirus continues to spread. Your scholar’s principal will share details as things change down the road.
  2. What services will be provided?Health services offered include well-check/annual physical visits, care for ongoing needs your scholar might have like chronic diseases, treatment for unexpected illnesses or injuries, and mental health services.
  3. How is this program different from the health services my scholar’s school already offers? Your scholar will still have access to services from trusted school staff, like the school nurse, school psychologist, guidance counselor, and others. If your scholar is already working with a professional from an organization that they were connected to through their school, that will not change. This program adds more options for your scholar to access health visits, particularly to telehealth/virtual visits.
  4. Which providers are serving my scholar’s school? Each of the schools has been assigned one primary provider and one secondary provider for both physical and mental health services. The table below shows the school and provider assignments. If your scholar needs health services, the school will connect them to the primary or secondary provider based on the provider’s availability.


Primary Mental Health Provider Secondary Mental Health Provider Primary Physical Health Provider Secondary Physical Health Provider
Orchard STEM Applewood Bellefaire Care Alliance Neighborhood Family Practice
Mary Bethune Beech Brook Bellefaire MetroHealth Care Alliance
John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership Guidestone Bellefaire Neighborhood Family Practice MetroHealth
John Adams College & Career Academy PEP Bellefaire MetroHealth Care Alliance


  1. How do I get health care services for my scholar through this program? If your scholar attends one of the participating schools, follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Click the link that your principal or Family Support Specialist emails you to complete your scholar’s health services consent form securely online, using DocuSign.
    • Step 2: Complete the form. Follow the directions on the form. If you’re filling it out on paper, make sure you sign all the sections with signature lines.
    • Step 3: If you’re using DocuSign, once you hit submit, the school will have your form. If you are filling out the form on paper, the principal will send instructions for how to return the form to your school.
  2. How much does it cost? There is little or no cost for Say Yes families when accessing health services through this program
  3. How is it being paid for? Funding is coming from a few places including, philanthropic supporters (The Cleveland Foundation, the Gund Foundation, and The Bruening Foundation), as well as Medicaid, the state budget, and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.
  4. What is the consent form you are asking me to complete? This form says that the school is allowed to share information about your scholar and their health with the organizations listed on the last page of the form – they are local health care providers. The health services consent form also says that the people who are working in the school to support your scholar’s health needs can talk about your scholar’s needs with each other. Finally, the form gives permission for the health care providers listed on the last page to treat your scholar if they have a health care need. In a virtual world, you will continue to manage your scholar’s care. Once school reopens, in nearly all cases, someone will call you before giving your scholar any treatment to talk about what’s going on.
  1. Do I have to participate in this program? Participation in the program is voluntary. Even if your scholar does not participate in this program, they will still be able to access the school nurse and other existing school staff just as they do now.
  2. What if I change my mind? You can opt out any time, even if you already signed the health services consent form. Contact your scholar’s Family Support Specialist or Principal for additional information.
  3. Do I have to use the health care provider assigned to my scholar’s school? Your scholar can continue to access the school nurse, other existing school staff such as counselors and psychologists, and work with other health care providers outside the school.
  4. My scholar already has a doctor. How does that fit in here? Your scholar can and should continue seeing any current doctors or health care providers. The program’s new services are available if your scholar needs anything else OR if you don’t already have a provider with whom you feel comfortable.
  5. Are the health services offered to all of my family members or just the scholar(s) enrolled in the schools? Right now, only the scholars enrolled in Orchard STEM, Mary Bethune, John Marshall School of Civic and Business Leadership, and John Adams College and Career Academy are eligible to participate in the program.
  6. How will my scholar’s information be protected? There are strict laws about who can view your scholar’s information. More detail can be found in the consent form. You can also contact your scholar’s principal or family support specialist for more information.
  7. Which school staff members will be aware of the health services my scholar uses? In order to support your scholar’s health needs the family support specialist, school nurse, school psychologist, and other school personnel may have access to information about the services used by your scholar. More information can be found in the health services consent form.
  8. What information will be shared with my scholar’s teacher(s)? No information about your scholar’s health needs or services will be shared with your scholar’s teacher unless you give permission.
  9. Do you cover any transportation costs to get my scholar to a health care provider? Say Yes does not have the resources to cover transportation at this time.
  10. Does my scholar have to use the Integrated Health services/providers to be eligible for a Say Yes scholarship? This is a separate program from the Say Yes scholarship program.
  11. Is this put on a school transcript? As is the case now, all health records are documented in the student’s eSchoolPLUS record. This record is not attached to official academic transcripts.

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