How to Appeal a Scholarship Decision

Say Yes Cleveland understands students sometimes experience extenuating circumstances that may have an impact on their education. We provide students who are initially certified as ineligible for its scholarships the opportunity to file an appeal for eligibility.

If extenuating circumstances prevented a student from meeting the Say Yes scholarship criteria, the student can submit an appeal.

Please begin your appeal by following the instructions and completing the form here. (TIP: Click the “Apply” button on that appeals page to begin the process.)

STUDENTS: Attach any supporting documentation, such as enrollment in Project ACT; proof of foster care or refugee status; a letter from a counselor/caseworker; written statements; etc. to the electronic appeals form when you submit your appeal.

All appeals will be reviewed by the Say Yes Cleveland Appeals Committee to make an independent ruling. Once a decision has been made about the appeal, Say Yes Cleveland will contact the student with the outcome.

If you have questions about the appeal process, please contact our scholarship department at SayYesScholarship@collegenowgc.org or 216.454.5400.