Support Services

A student's success is the result of many academic, social-emotional, and health and wellness factors. To address the diverse range of supports needed from pre-K through 12th grade, Say Yes Cleveland works to better identify and connect individual students to those services.

What Are Support Services?

The Say Yes framework calls for the many entities serving the community’s children to share their data and work together. They are united in the goal of addressing students’ individual needs and connecting them to additional support services from pre-K through postsecondary graduation.

To help students progress on the pathway to success, each CMSD and eligible partner charter school will implement the Say Yes core services program.  These services include a family support specialist working in each school, after-school and summer learning opportunities, mental health and pro-bono legal services.

Schools will use the proprietary tech-based Postsecondary Planning System, which uses existing data about the students to identify their progress and connect them to needed services. To learn more about the PPS, click here.

The Cleveland rollout plan incorporates 15% of schools in 2019-20, an additional 25% in 2020-21, 30% more in 2021-22, and the remaining 30% in 2022-23.

In tandem, local Say Yes Cleveland task forces are collaborating to detail the solutions (already available or identified as needed in the community).

Six local entities already have agreed to work collaboratively with each other and with Say Yes to Education to provide support services to students: City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland Council of Administrators and Supervisors, Cleveland Teachers Union, and Cleveland Public Library.

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