Details for First Say Yes Core Services Schools

What Needs to Be Done Now

To learn if your school is in the first group, scroll to the bottom of this page. All CMSD schools will offer the core services program by 2022-23.

The core services program, which is supported by the Say Yes Postsecondary Planning System, enables each school to identify student concerns and connect them with the necessary services and support to succeed along the pathway to postsecondary education success.

The program includes the hiring of a family support specialist in each school and connection to essential services such as after-school and summer learning, mental health services, and legal services.

To be ready for the 2019-20 school year, parents, caregivers, students, and teachers are asked to complete their surveys online as soon as possible.

What do parents and caregivers at the selected schools need to do?

  • Complete a survey online for each of their children at the school as soon as possible.
  • The survey should be completed online: https://cleveland.sytepps.org/.
  • If parents are unable to do the survey online, a number of paper copies are available at the child’s school. Paper versions in Spanish, Arabic, and Swahili are available at the child’s school.

What should parents know about the survey?

  • The survey should take about 30 to 45 minutes. Parents should complete the survey online (https://cleveland.sytepps.org/). If necessary, they complete paper versions of the survey from the school. (Spanish, Arabic, and Swahili versions are available on paper at each school.)
  • Parents need their student’s ID number. It can be found on the report card or by contacting the school.
  • Questions touch on many areas. These include health, social, and emotional topics. Research tells us these are key predictors of a student’s success.
  • Some questions are personal. They are asked to better understand the student’s life outside of the classroom. The information lets us know what support can help the student on a path to success in college, career, and life.
  • Parents also are welcome to respond to whatever questions they are comfortable with answering.
  • Parents must complete one survey for each child enrolled in the school.

Can parents complete the survey in other languages?

  • Spanish, Swahili, and Arabic versions of the survey are available. Please contact the school directly for a printed copy. (Online versions of the survey in these languages will be coming soon.)

Are parent surveys required?

  • Parent input is important to better learn the student’s complete picture. However, students will be tracked in the system if their parents do not complete the survey.

What do teachers at the selected schools need to do?

  • Complete an online survey (https://cleveland.sytepps.org/) for each student in their classroom.
  • If the student has multiple teachers, please contact school leadership to understand which teacher should complete the survey for a student.

What do students at the selected schools need to do?

  • Students in fifth through seventh grades in K-8 schools and in ninth through 11th grade in high schools should complete an online survey (https://cleveland.sytepps.org/).
  • NOTE: Eighth graders do not need to complete the survey at their current school because they will be a new school for 2019-20 school year.

Who sees the survey answers?

The answers are private. The designated staff at the scholar’s school will only the results from all the information collected about the scholar. They will not see individual answers to the survey.

How is the student’s information protected?

Privacy is important. No one at the school can see the answers. The designated staff will only see the results from the information collected about the scholar. This information includes the survey answers and other data. No individual scholar’s information will be shared with third parties, service providers or vendors.

Why do surveys need to be completed now?

  • Without the surveys, we cannot identify which services would be most helpful. The information tells us what’s needed for a student or this school.
  • We need the information now to be ready to connect students to services at the start of the new school year.

How can I learn more about the Postsecondary Planning System?

Read the PPS FAQ here.


2019-20 Say Yes Core Services Schools

The schools implementing the Say Yes Postsecondary Planning System in 2019-20 include:


  • Almira
  • Buhrer Dual Language Academy
  • Joseph M. Gallagher
  • Marion-Sterling
  • Mary M. Bethune
  • Memorial
  • Michael R. White
  • Miles Park
  • Orchard
  • Wilbur Wright


  • John Adams College and Career Academy
  • John Marshall School of Civic and Business Leadership
  • Lincoln-West School of Global Studies
  • Max S. Hayes High School
  • New Tech East
  • Rhodes College & Career Academy

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