Scholarship Overview

Scholarships for every eligible high school graduate.

Imagine not having to worry about how to afford tuition to college, university, or trade school after high school graduation. Say Yes Cleveland ensures that a scholarship will be there for all graduating CMSD seniors who meet the eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for a Say Yes scholarship, students must be:

  • Continuously enrolled in a CMSD or partnering charter high school from 9th grade through graduation; and
  • Live continuously within the city of Cleveland (or one of the areas served by CMSD*) from 9th grade through graduation.

*Students who reside in Bratenahl, Linndale, Newburgh Heights, and parts of Brook Park and Garfield Heights assigned to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are also eligible if they meet enrollment requirements.

To learn more visit our Eligibility FAQ page. You can also email or call the Scholarship Hotline at [email protected] or 216.454.5400.

Denied eligibility? Find out your options.


“Applying to colleges can be difficult. You have to go through the application process, you have to read every email, and you have to respond to those emails within a certain time. For me, it’s been a huge wave of responsibility. But my College Now advisors and my school counselors really helped me — especially with the Financial Aid process. Say Yes Cleveland has helped to set up my future.”

Zhavaughn Twitty

First-Year College Student

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