Say Yes Cleveland is excited to announce a new, expanded opportunity for tuition scholarships. For summer 2024, any Say Yes-eligible student attending a Say Yes-eligible postsecondary institution may be eligible to receive tuition funding for up to eight (8) credit hours, or $4,200, during summer term. 

For Say Yes scholars enrolled in a public Ohio institution: Say Yes summer tuition scholarship funding is available for up to eight (8) credit hours and is awarded after federal and state aid has been applied.

For Say Yes scholars enrolled in a private Say Yes partner institution: Say Yes scholars at private institutions may be eligible to receive tuition funding for summer courses, with a maximum award amount of $4,200.

Any tuition costs above and beyond eight credit hours (public schools) or $4,200 (private schools) are still the responsibility of the student. No costs beyond tuition are eligible for this summer award, including fees, books, room, board, or any other expenses.

All students must continue to meet all Say Yes eligibility requirements to receive Summer 2024 funding.

Any scholars interested in receiving summer tuition scholarship funding should, as soon as possible, contact the Say Yes Scholarship Hotline via email ([email protected]) or by phone (216.454.5400) to let us know if you are enrolled in or planning to enroll for the Summer 2024 term.  You may also log into your Say Yes portal & update your Summer 2024 enrollment plans: Say Yes Scholarship Portal.

If you have any questions, please contact us (Elton and Jason) at 216.454.5400 or [email protected]