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Everything current seniors need to know to get their scholarship!

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Contribute to Say Yes Cleveland Scholarships

Help us ensure that the next 25 years of CMSD students have a postsecondary tuition scholarship waiting for them after high school graduation.

What is Say Yes Cleveland?

Cleveland joins Say Yes to Education

Tuition Scholarships

Say Yes Cleveland scholarships apply to tuition after federal and state grants, and can be used at all public universities, community colleges, and Pell-eligible certificate programs in Ohio – as well as over 115 private colleges and universities in Ohio and across the nation. To be eligible, students must live within CMSD boundaries, and attend a CMSD or parter charter high school from 9th grade through graduation. Say Yes Cleveland scholarships cannot be used for any non-tuition expenses, such as housing or books.

Scholarship Hotline

For any questions about Say Yes Cleveland scholarships, contact our Scholarship Hotline, administered by College Now Greater Cleveland.

Support Services

A student’s success is the result of many academic, social-emotional, and health-and-wellness factors. To address the diverse range of supports needed by students, from pre-K through 12th grade, to succeed, Say Yes Cleveland is working to better identify and connect individual students to those services.

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