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Meet your Family Support Specialist.

Say Yes Cleveland Family Support Specialists work with students and families in our schools to identify, engage, and assist them. Our Family Support Specialists help students and their families find the services they require frequently by utilizing our Postsecondary Planning System (PPS). SUMMER 2024 NOTICE: Our Family Support Specialists are ready to assist you throughout the summer! Learn more about their temporary locations and hours by clicking here.

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Every CMSD school has a dedicated Family Support Specialist. Let’s find yours.


    “One of the ways that Say Yes Cleveland has definitely supported our students is by putting the Family Support Specialists in the building. We’re able to help those students who may not have access to everyday things get the access to those things so they can matriculate through high school and beyond. I had a student last year who literally had nothing. She graduated high school, but she didn’t know how she was going to get to college. She didn’t know how she was going to furnish her [dorm] room. She didn’t know anything. But I was able to connect her with all the resources that she needed. Now she’s being pretty successful in her first semester.”

    Donna Dixon

    Family Support Specialist

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