Be a Mentor

Why Be a Mentor

Community support for students is essential – and a requirement. Say Yes Cleveland Scholarship Inc. determined all students receiving a scholarship must participate in mentoring.

Cleveland is fortunate that College Now Greater Cleveland has been administering a mentoring program for several years. It now expands its work to administer the Say Yes Cleveland mentoring program.

The initial College Now program is having a huge impact: in the first three years of mentoring, student retention rates rose seven percentage points to an amazing 97%. And the college completion rate of College Now scholarship recipients is approaching 80%, the rate at which students from the highest income quartile graduate from college.

What Do Mentors Do

The Say Yes Cleveland mentor program uses a unique, online platform to guide communication between mentor and mentee with an interactive and personalized curriculum.

As the program develops, a few events are expected to be hosted throughout the year to bring mentor-mentee pairs together, and also to create space for mentors and mentees to learn from one another.

In the first two years of the relationship, mentors provide crucial college-going advice to students, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college. As students become upperclassmen and begin looking beyond college, mentors also provide professional connections and assistance to help students transition into the working world.

We ask mentors to commit to a mentor-mentee relationship during the student’s post-secondary academic career. Mentors and mentees exchange messages twice per month and meet in person three times per year.

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Mentor Eligibility

Mentors must:

  • Hold a college degree
  • Complete an application and screening process
  • Fill out our online application
  • Complete a five-minute phone interview
  • Attend a one-hour orientation
  • Pass a third-party background check

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